Resort owners spend a lot of money on design architects to plan out their resorts. These designers come up with beautiful ideas for the purpose of creating a special ambience. They don’t ignore any details, including the hot tub area. Rather than hire a design architect yourself, you could use some of their existing plans as your own inspiration.

Below are some popular design ideas you can use for your own hot tub.

Hardwood Decking

Many resort hot tubs are actually spas, which means they’re build into the ground. A popular material for the decking around the spa is hardwood. If you decide to keep your hot tub aboveground, you can still incorporate this idea into your design with a built-up area around the hot tub.

Consider creating a room for your hot tub. It can be an extension of your deck or patio. Look into a hardwood for the decking. Common hardwoods for decks include cedar, redwood, and ipe. You can also look into pressure-treated lumber or composite for durability and ease of maintenance.

To give this installation real wow factor, consider some customizations. For example, resorts sometimes have the decks designed in unusual shapes. You also see terraced design with the hardwood decking.

Custom Lighting

Sometimes the lighting around the hot tub gets overlooked. Sure, it’s enough to have simple lighting for safety. However, with resorts, you often see them go all-out with custom lighting to create a mood. You can create your own ambience with different kinds of lights.

Distributors sell LED light packages that you can incorporate with your hot tub surroundings. These packages can be simple mood lighting, or you can choose colored light options. You can also use less-permanent options, such as string or candle lights.

Another idea is to incorporate ambient lighting around the hot tub. For example, you could have recessed or covered lights installed. Explore, too, landscape lighting around your hot tub. For example, you can have a light mounted in a nearby tree for a moonlight effect. Likewise, if you have an overhead light, consider adding a dimmer to the switch.

Rustic Ambience

Even the most high-end resorts sometimes try to convey a rustic ambience with their hot tubs. That ambience is part of the reason wood is so popular for the decking. However, they create the mood in other ways as well.

One approach is to implement a tiki theme. Many resorts offer shade for their hot tubs. You often see tiki-style huts. You could add a pergola over your hot tub and have the top finished in woven thatch, which you can buy natural or synthetic. This idea pairs well with hardwood decking.

Another option concerns the hot tub itself. You could opt for a round hot tub with a wooden surround. The effect will be an old-style bathing tub, which can look very charming in a rustic setting.

Natural Stone

Many resorts place their hot tubs so guests can enjoy the beautiful views. They try to make the hot tub or spa look as naturalistic as possible, as if it’s a natural pool. So, they use a lot of stone in the construction.

If you’re having the hot tub installed in-ground, you can choose natural stone for the decking. Otherwise, consider a custom surround for your aboveground hot tub. You can have the contractors apply a stone veneer to the outside.

If you want to take the design to the next level, consider adding even more stones. For instance, you can have stones used for the lip to create a natural bench. You can also add stones and landscaping right around the surround to create that naturalistic ambience.

Try some of the above ideas to make your hot tub feel like your own personal resort. When you’re ready for the hot tub, call Anchor Pools & Spas.