Foot pain could present challenges as you exercise, walk, or work on a daily basis. As you seek out efforts to provide relief for your feet, consider a home hot tub. Used whenever you suffer from foot pain, a hot tub provides relief for your feet through multiple methods.

Learn about the benefits for your feet and how a home hot tub installation will change your everyday life.

1. Massage Jets

When you purchase a hot tub spa, you will find models with massage jets for every part of the body. Foot jets focus on specific areas of the feet, including the soles, toes, and ankle area. The pulsating jets help work on the muscles, provide relief, and will reduce pain and inflammation.

The foot massage will help increase blood flow to the feet, and longer periods of massage will help you sleep better at night. Not only will you sleep better with the reduced pain but also your body will remain in a relaxed state.

When you use the massage jets in the morning, the extended focus on your feet will help alleviate pain throughout the whole workday. Along with the foot jets, many hot tubs include jets that extend upward and focus on calves and knees.

The hot tub jet settings allow you to change the comfort as you go. For example, if you have extreme pains, consider the highest jet setting. Your feet will feel a full massage as the jets shoot out and surround your whole foot. Low jet settings provide a soft feeling that replicates a gentle foot rub.

2. Hot Water

When athletes suffer from foot pain, a bucket of hot water is often used as a treatment. The same premise exists with your hot tub. When you expose your feet to hot water, it will naturally increase the blood flow in the feet. Proper blood flow is crucial for muscle relief and provides an increase in energy.

Hot-water treatments are often mixed with cold-water treatments to reduce inflammation. As you lay back in a hot tub, you may periodically lift your foot out of the water to expose the foot to cold air.

This daily treatment to your feet can make a big difference in the pain you feel. You may walk longer, stand on your feet more, or participate in more rigorous exercises.

3. Elevated Feet Positions

As you shop for a hot tub, you will find a variety of seating options. A hot tub with a lounge seat position allows you to elevate your feet and legs into the air so no pressure is placed on the feet as you lounge backwards. The initial benefit takes pressure off the veins in your feet, but you also have other benefits from the elevated position.

Your blood flow will naturally improve, and pressure on the muscles will reduce. If you have any inflammation, the elevated leg position will reduce the swelling and return your feet to normal. And the weightlessness of the water allows your feet to float and relax for extended periods of time.

The seat position options allow you to choose what is comfortable for your needs. You have a chance to spread your whole body out and place your feet in different locations.

4. Grips and Comfort

Many hot tubs feature soft and comfortable grips on the bottom base. When you move around, your feet will still remain comfortable. Getting in and out of a hot tub also provides comfort options. For example, you could choose a hot tub staircase with padded steps. You also have the option to install a ground-level hot tub so you do not need to climb in or out of the hot tub.

For more information on hot tub installation, contact us at Anchor Pools & Spas. We will use our hot tub expertise to help you pick the best options for your foot and body care.