When you purchase a new hot tub, you deal with a lot more than just a big container of heated water. So many elements go into ensuring hot tub water stays clean and runs efficiently. As part of your hot tub purchase, you can add a maintenance package so experienced professionals can keep your hot tub in mint condition and form.

Learn about the services provided and how each service becomes essential to keeping your hot tub in optimal shape.

1. Hot Tub Setup and Settings

The initial setup of your hot tub can make a big difference on the way the spa performs for years into the future. As you plan the setup of your hot tub, professionals can help automate settings and provide tips for daily use. For example, even though you may not use the hot tub every day, you should run the water so everything goes through the filter.

A hot tub technician can set up the hot tub to automatically run at a certain part of the day to work through the filter and prevent stagnant water from building mildew or not cleaning properly. During the first scheduled hot tub maintenance checkup, the worker will inspect the tub to see if the process is working or if the hot tub filter needs to run more.

Ideally, the filter would run during non-peak electrical hours to save you money while still keeping the hot tub clean.

2. Water Chemical Balance

Just like a pool, the pH balance of a hot tub is essential for clean water. You want to avoid the buildup of algae, slime, or cloudy water. Maintenance provides essential tools to test the water and see if an imbalance has happened. If an imbalance does occur, then the trained experts will know how to analyze the problem and come up with a proper solution.

Many kinds of chemicals go into a hot tub. A maintenance worker will know which chemicals to choose, how much of the chemical is needed, and give you step-by-step instructions to keep the water clean for the future. With the professional care and tips, you can follow a regimen and ensure your hot tub water is clear and clean.

3. Filter Cleaning

The hot tub filter has gallons of water go through every day. The filter collects small particles, and the debris eventually builds up over time. During routine maintenance, a professional cleans and cares for the filter. Along with inspecting the filter for any damage, a maintenance worker can spray the filter down and get it completely clean again.

In some cases, the filter will undergo a chemical cleanse to keep it clean and provide optimal performance. After some time has passed, you may need a filter replacement, and a full inspection will determine when the replacement is needed.

The filter is an essential part of a hot tub, and a maintenance package will ensure the filter works and help extend the life of your hot tub.

4. Jets and Deep Cleaning

Natural oils from our skin or skin particles can all contribute to clogged jets or grime growth near the waterline of your hot tub. A maintenance service package may include a full deep cleaning of the hot tub to remove the debris. In some cases, the jets may be cleaned within the water while some cleanings will include a full drain of your hot tub water.

When the hot tub is completely empty, workers can clean individual jets and scrub the interior of the tub. Plus, a fresh fill of water can help restart the chemical balance and provide a refreshing change to the hot tub.

For more information on our hot tubs for sale and maintenance packages, contact us at Anchor Pools & Spas. We will help keep your hot tub in top shape running optimally.