When a tick bite leads to Lyme disease, some people have a long journey ahead to treat the disease and prevent long-term problems. Along with antibiotics, some home remedies can help people with Lyme disease and reduce the overall pain and struggles. One home remedy to consider is a hot tub.

A hot tub provides several benefits for people who suffer from Lyme disease. Learn about the benefits and ways a hot tub can help with your illness.

1. Daily Exercise

In the early stages of Lyme disease, you will often be prescribed with antibiotics to help fight the virus and return your body back to normal. Light exercise has been recommended to help move the antibiotics through the bloodstream and throughout your whole body.

A hot tub offers ample opportunities to perform light exercises as you soak in the water. You can perform leg kicks and stretches. You move back and forth across the hot tub. When you submerge your body in the warm water, you eliminate the extra strain and reduce the recovery time. You can complete the exercises your doctor recommends all within the hot tub.

Many of the routines will be less than an hour long, giving you plenty of time to relax and unwind in the water after you complete the exercises.

2. Joint and Muscle Pains

One of the main symptoms of Lyme disease is joint and muscle pains. As your body aches, you may seek out relief through a hot tub. Not only does the hot water help relieve pain, but hot tubs have numerous features to help with your pain management.

Jets will massage your body, and you can purchase a hot tub with full-body jets. From head to toe, you can increase or increase the power of the jets to meet your comfort level and provide you with the most relaxation. Stiff muscles will soften and provide you with relief for hours after you leave the hot tub.

Waterproof pillows include comfortable spots to rest your head and relax without suffering from neck pain for sitting in the hot tub too long.

For severe cases of Lyme disease, you may consider multiple soaks in a single day to relieve the pain. To help get in and out of the tub, you have two installation options. You can set up a staircase to easily climb to the edge of the tub or install the hot tub at ground level next to an outdoor area like a pool.

3. Artificial Fevers

Another treatment option to help fight Lyme disease is an artificial fever. When your body reaches a high temperature, the defense mechanisms will naturally kick in to help fight viruses and bacteria going through your body. The naturally warm waters of a hot tub will increase your body temperature and help create the artificial fever.

You can soak in the tub every day to help fight off the pain. You do not need to increase the hot tub temperatures to initiate the actions. All of the normal settings on a hot tub will provide enough heat to help kick up your defense mechanisms. The artificial fever should not replace any medical treatment either.

The process is just a supplemental way to help your body fight the Lyme disease. You can even bring up the artificial fever option to your doctor to receive an expert opinion and guidance. As your pain increases, any method to help treat and alleviate pain will help reduce your overall discomfort with the disease.

For more information on hot tubs, contact us at Anchor Pools & Spas. We will find you a hot tub with all of the features to help treat your Lyme disease and provide you with a little extra relaxation on a daily basis.