Hot tubs convey many health benefits, including soothing sore muscles and promoting circulation. However, one of the primary reasons homeowners buy hot tubs is for relaxation. Because of this, you’ll probably spend time choosing your preferred tub seating and water jets. However, if you have the hot tub located outdoors, consider transforming the whole area into a serene getaway.


One of the first considerations you should look into is creating a sense of privacy around your hot tub. After all, soaking in the tub isn’t going to feel serene if you feel on display.

One of the most common methods for creating privacy around a hot tub is with lattice screens. Many homeowners create a backdrop for their hot tub out of lattice screens that match the deck or other environs. You can even add plants for more privacy. However, the attraction of lattice screens is that they afford you some privacy without blocking views or the light.

You may also manage privacy in how you orient the hot tub. You might use existing structures, such as a retaining wall, or plantings, such as a tree, to create a privacy screen. Conversely, you may incorporate portable structures, such as sun umbrellas or screens, to create your haven.

Sound Management

Another important consideration for creating a serene getaway is managing the sounds in your backyard. Listening to cars passing and kids yelling isn’t relaxing.

Designers often incorporate a fountain or waterfall into the surrounding landscaping. The water sounds create a pleasing background music that at least partially drown out the other sounds.

Another common method for managing sounds outdoors is to wire speakers near your hot tub. You can have a separate system or wire the speakers into your home system. That said, remember to be cognizant of your neighbors when you play your system.

In that vein, you may choose not to wire the speakers to play from a stereo. You could incorporate a sound therapy machine into your plan, which is how many professional spas create a relaxing atmosphere.

Hot Tub Surround

Part of what makes you feel like you’re escaping to a serene world is the visual of your getaway. To that end, you’ll want to choose your hot tub surround with care.

Often times, homeowners have their hot tub surrounded with a wooden or wood-look surround. The contractors construct the surround to make it look built-in to a wooden deck or to match said deck. An advantage to this style of surround is you can have the contractors widen the lip for seating.

Another common surround style is the veneer. Contractors construct a concrete and stone veneer that resembles stacked stone but is actually much thinner. A stone veneer gives the hot tub a permanent look similar to a spa.

Hot Tub Environs

Besides the surround, the area around the hot tub will have an impact on how welcoming it feels. You’ll want to design a whole area that’s cohesive. You’ll probably choose a material palette. For example, if you want a wooden surround, wooden lattice screens are a good choice for privacy. A stone water fountain would be an attractive complement to a stone veneer surround.

Likewise, you want to incorporate the hot tub into your landscaping. Use plants and hardscaping, such as built-in planters, to make your hot tub part of the scene.

Besides the visual of the hot tub itself, you’ll want your view from the tub to be pleasing. So pay attention to your view from the tub. Consider planting a mini garden in the sightline of your tub to rest your eyes while you relax. This mini garden would be a good place to incorporate a water fountain if you include one.

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