Winter provides many unique challenges to homeowners who love entertaining guests outside. However, those with a high-quality outdoor hot tub can host a winter tub party to keep everyone as warm as possible. The following tips will help to make this type of experience more entertaining and successful and keep everyone happy and healthy. 

Tip One: Wear Sunscreen

People relaxing in a hot tub during the summer typically wear sunscreen. However, the same individuals may neglect to protect their skin during winter hot tub parties. This mistake can be very painful, as extended exposure to the sun during any season can cause sunburns. In fact, sun rays bouncing off the snow may increase damaging UV exposure. So wear a coat of sunscreen to stay safe.

Tip Two: Provide Diverse Snacks

A good hot tub party should have delicious snacks, including various meats, veggies, and small sandwiches. These foods should be placed in warming pots to keep them slightly – but not excessively – warm during the party. Drinks should include hot liquids, such as coffee and tea, to fight away the chilly temperatures common during most outdoor winter hot tub parties.

Tip Three: Setup Entertainment Options

Warming up in a hot tub during the winter should be as entertaining as possible for a homeowner’s guests. Though good conversations and snacks will provide some entertainment, music, television, movies and more should be available. Place a music player and TV near the hot tub — but not within falling distance – and change up the entertainment options as the party progresses.

Tip Four: Keep Warm Clothes Nearby

During a summer hot tub party, guests might jump out and take a dip in a pool or simply relax in the warm sun. This option is not available at a winter hot tub party due to the temperature. As a result, homeowners need to provide plenty of towels when guests leave the pool and warm clothes if they decide to stay outside after drying off. This step protects them from cold-related health issues.

Tip Five: Keep the Spa Warm

During an outdoor winter spa party, guests lounge in the tub dressed in nothing but their swimsuits. As a result, the temperature in the hot tub should be as warm as possible without causing any health issues. Typically, a hot tub should be no more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit, maximum, for safety purposes. Keep the tub a few degrees below this range to protect guests from the bite of the winter’s cold.

Tip Six: Perform Spa Maintenance Before the Party

Regular maintenance helps ensure that a spa is a safe and effective tub during an outdoor winter party. For example, spa owners need to make sure that the hot tub’s air and water filters are clean. Removing and cleaning these filters before the party – and replacing the tub’s water – ensures that the water is clean and safe for a homeowner’s guests.

Just as importantly, spa owners need to balance the pH levels in their tub. Each hot tub comes with pH testing strips that gauge the spa’s water and its acidity. If the pH levels are imbalanced, owners need to restore balance using the appropriate chemicals from their hot tub supply shop. Professionals at these shops can help buyers better understand which chemicals they need for this process.

Tip Seven: Get Professional Help

Although homeowners can perform many spa maintenance tips on their own, professional help is always a great idea. So if you plan on hosting a winter hot tub party in the future and want to keep your tub operating smoothly, please call or visit us at Anchor Pools & Spas as soon as possible. Our experts will work hard to provide your tub with the maintenance it needs to run smoothly and safely.