A hot tub at night provides a way to relax and enjoy the warm waters, but you may not want to be fully immersed in the dark. When you install a hot tub at your home, you need to consider the lighting you will use for the hot tub. You have multiple options to choose from, and each lighting option provides a different ambiance for your hot tub experience.

1. Internal Lights

As you shop for a hot tub, consider the internal lights that come with a hot tub. The lights will illuminate the water and provide clear visuals from inside the hot tub. Some hot tubs may also include lights on the edges, which makes it easy to see as you get in and out of the water.

The light settings vary and depend on specific models, but you can adjust the brightness in some hot tubs while others feature color-changing light features. The lights are often controlled through the same panel as the jets and bubbles, which allows you to turn the lights on and off while still in the hot tub.

2. Smart Lights

If you install a hot tub on a patio or a deck, you can mount smart lights on the wall of a home and have access to many light settings. Through cell phone connections, you can set up smart lights on a specific timer and adjust the brightness of the lights. Voice-activated features allow you to turn the lights on and off without the need to get out of the hot tub.

Large exterior lights will provide the most illumination for your hot tub. The lights are ideal if you want a bright setting for your hot tub experience.

3. String Lights

Add a nice ambient visual to your hot tub with string lights over the hot tub. You can run multiple rows of string lights across multiple sections of the tub. The final look creates a rustic look to your hot tub area and provides a soft illumination without too much brightness.

String lights come in many designs and colors. You can select larger bulbs for more illumination or smaller bulbs for a subtle design. When installing the lights, the strings should hang high over the tub so that when you stand in the hot tub, your head does not make contact with any of the lights.

4. Tiki Torches

Another way to add a nice ambiance is with tiki torches. You can use tiki torches on each outside corner of the hot tub to provide visuals through an open flame.

Along with the accent lighting, tiki torches provide a few other advantages. Many of the torches can ward off bugs like gnats and mosquitoes. These bugs often come out at night, and you can use the torches to keep your hot tub area bug-free.

The torches can also provide a little extra heat. If your lower half is in the hot tub, then the top half of your body can feel the heat of the flame so your body temperature evens out.

5. Submersible Pool Lights

If you seek out extra light in the water, then consider submersible pool lights. The battery-powered lights include a secure waterproof case and have many color features that will help illuminate the water. You can select different colors based on your mood and enjoy the illuminated water.

You can often just put the lights into the water or mouth them on the hot tub to have a consistent spot for the light.

Find your ideal hot tub with our wide selection at Anchor Pools & Spas. Once you know what hot tub you want, you can plan the lighting around the design.