A hot tub is one of the most versatile additions to your home because of the multiple health benefits you get. Despite the potential benefits, some homeowners are wary of the installations because of the amount of water required. To maintain a conventional hot tub in fresh condition, you have to drain the water a few times every year.  

The following tips will help you conserve water and get the best out of your hot tub.

1. Maintain the Filters

Hot tub filters in good condition trap dirt, insects, leaves, and other particles that would contaminate your spa. If the filters are dirty or clogged, your tub will need more frequent water changes in a year. With dirty or worn out filters, your hot tub is also unsafe to use.

The best tub systems have easy access to the filters for preventive maintenance. If you can’t find the filters, contact a pool specialist for professional maintenance of the system.

2. Check for Hot Tub Leaks

To get the best service out of your hot tub, inspect for damage frequently. Look for leaks that would increase the water required for the hot tub. If you suspect the tub has a leak, talk to your pool contractor for a professional inspection and corrective measures.

3. Reuse or Recycle the Hot Tub Water

You can reuse the water from your hot tub for other things in your home. To recycle the water, stop adding chemicals to the hot tub a few days before you drain it. Test the tub water before you drain to determine the chemical content. A neutralizing agent can improve the quality of the water for applications such as lawn irrigation.

4. Cover Your Hot Tub

A high-performance cover is essential for water conservation. An open hot tub loses water rapidly, and you have to refill it more frequently. With a durable cover, you reduce the rate of evaporation to save water.

The hot tub cover prevents water contamination from leaves, dust, birds, and insects that would require a water change. You can find an innovative spa cover with an automatic lifter for easier operation.

5. Upgrade to a High-Quality Water Sanitation System

Traditional spa maintenance requires frequent water changes, and you use a lot of water in a year. The chlorine hot tub system experiences residual buildup over time. To maintain a hygienic spa, you have to drain the water frequently.

You can reduce water wastage in your hot tub if you upgrade to a high-quality water sanitation system. A salt-based hot tub system is a great alternative to the traditional chlorine or bromine water sanitation systems.

The advanced water sanitation system generates chlorine from the pool water, and the tub technology releases the chlorine generated in small preset amounts. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals that would ruin the spa conditions.

After every few months, the system requires a change of cartridges for your hot tub to keep the water fresh. The water in a salt-based hot tub lasts longer because you don’t have to drain the tub every few months.

Water is a valuable resource, and homeowners should embrace practices that reduce water wastage. For hot tub owners, water use is a great concern, but with these simple tips, you can reduce water consumption. If you notice any unusual pattern in water use with your pool, consult a certified pool technician for professional maintenance.

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