Most homeowners buy hot tubs so they can enjoy a hot soak. So, just placing a hot tub on your deck or in the backyard may seem adequate. That said, you can garner even more enjoyment out of your hot tub if you consider some of the following amenities.


Noise Cancellation

Most people want their hot tub experience to be relaxing. However, noise can eat away at that relaxation. You have plenty of ambient noise just in your household. When you install a hot tub outdoors, you have the whole world to contend with.

One option is to install a noise cancellation machine near your hot tub. You can choose a noise cancellation machine that makes white noise or one that includes nature sounds.

You can get a similar effect with a sound system in your hot tub area. Ideally, this system will be separate from any surround sound in your house so that you can use it no matter what’s going on in the household. You can play any soothing sounds or music as you relax in the hot water.


Hot Tub Entertainment

In that vein, one of the new trends in hot tubs is making it the centerpiece of an entire entertainment system. One option is to design the area around the tub to accommodate a sound system or even a television. This style of setup is ideal if you envision hosting parties centered around your hot tub.

You can also invest in hot tub accessories to that end. Such accessories are incorporated into the hot tub shell. They can include audio equipment, DVD players, and televisions that rise from the edge of the tub. With waterproofed extensions, you can even hook up a computer to the edge of your hot tub.

Outdoor Furniture

If your hot tub will be an entertainment center, you’ll want some furniture around it too. At minimum, homeowners usually provide bench seating near the tub, often with built-in storage. However, your hot tub entertainment area can be so much more.

For example, many hot tub models come with furniture accessories. These accessories can include bench seating or even a counter with chairs similar to a home bar.

You can also create a personalized entertainment zone with separate outdoor furniture. The idea is to assemble a selection of tables and seating that makes sense with how you entertain. For instance, instead of a tall bar, you may prefer small tables near lounge chairs so you and your guests can relax together both inside and outside the water.


Cold Plunge Pool

Cold plunge pools are nothing new. In fact, people from Finland have enjoyed the health benefits of going from a hot environment to a cold one for centuries. While Finns typically precede the cold plunge with time in a sauna, you can re-create the health benefits with your hot tub.

Naturally, one option is to have a cold plunge pool installed near your hot tub. This pool can be a deep in-ground pool, or you can look into having a soaking tub installed. You can also re-create some of the effect with an outdoor shower. Just have the shower installed near the hot tub. An outdoor shower — whether on warm or cold setting — is also a convenient way to rinse off after a soak.


Moveable Shade

If your hot tub isn’t in a naturally shaded area, you’ll want to add some shade. A good idea is to make the shade portable so it doesn’t cover the hot tub area when you want it exposed to the elements.

Most homeowners opt for the portable sun umbrella, of which you have a variety of sizes from which to choose. What’s more, the myriad of different fabric options means you can match any décor style. A more permanent option is a retractable awning, which is ideal if your hot tub is next to the house.

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