Modern hot tubs include extra features to make the relaxation more enjoyable. One of the add-on features to consider for a hot tub purchase is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker installation. With a Bluetooth speaker, you can stream audio directly into the hot tub and enjoy all kinds of music.

Along with shuffling through random songs and digital playlists, you can find purposeful tasks associated with a hot tub and music. Learn how music can transform a hot tub experience and create new routines to enjoy with the hot tub.

1. Meditation

Relaxation often comes to mind with a hot tub, and you can find a major source of relaxation when you decide to meditate. One way to help you through the meditation process is music. You can create a playlist of instrumental tracks that allow you to meditate, relax, and focus as the music plays.

The jets from the hot tub can provide your body with muscle relief and relaxation while the music allows your mind to relax. Each time you go into the hot tub, you can explore different music options including full orchestras, movie soundtracks, and instrumental versions of popular songs.

The music can help guide you through different moods and provide you with new meditation routines.

2. Exercise

While you may not do laps inside of a hot tub, you can still go through some low-impact exercise routines. You may perform stretches and leg movements while in the warm water. Once you figure out what hot tub workout routines you want to follow, you can pick out music options to help you get through the exercises.

Bluetooth speakers can play the music and provide an upbeat tempo as you perform various water workouts. Music is often a motivating factor for working out, and you can keep the momentum going with a collection of your favorite workout songs.

You could also connect a Bluetooth speaker to live streaming services and enjoy workout radio stations for a wide mix of musical options.

3. Romantic Dates

A hot tub can provide a fun time to enjoy a private date. Add some romance to the date setting with a playlist of romantic music. You can select all types of romantic songs to play through the speakers and enjoy track after track as you relax in the hot tub.

The music can really help set the mood and will go with other elements of a hot tub. For example, some hot tubs feature built-in coolers where you can store some wine or champagne. You may even add small snacks to the area to eat and enjoy while in the hot tub.

Volume settings allow you to adjust the music as needed and create a romantic setting. The date night and musical playlist can become a regular tradition for you and your partner as you enjoy the hot tub.

4. Album Listening Party

When your favorite artist releases a new album, one of the more entertaining things to do is host an album listening party with friends. A hot tub provides an ideal location to host the listening party as you play a full album from start to finish. Everyone can relax in the hot tub, listen to tracks, and focus on the new music.

With easy track controls, you can stop the music between songs to discuss your favorite tracks or what tracks everyone liked. When you purchase a hot tub with multiple speakers, everyone can easily hear the tracks and enjoy the music without any other distractions.

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