Young blond woman relaxing in a Jacuzzi

You’ll probably love your new hot tub no matter what. After all, the hot tub represents a space where you can relax and escape the rigors of your daily life. You may even go all out and design a getaway complete with different hot tub amenities.

When you go to purchase your hot tub, you’ll have different options for packages and features. These packages and features may have become trends depending on their popularity. Consider the following four trends to elevate your hot tub ownership.

1. Therapeutic Features

The original trend that’s the foundation of hot tubs is hydrotherapy. Hot tubs create hydrotherapy with their jets, which target specific parts of the body. The goal is to improve circulation, which helps relax the muscles. Hydrotherapy also decreases joint pain and speeds up the healing process.

While the presence of jets is standard, you can choose configurations based on your specific needs. For example, you can specify you want target therapy or multimassage jets. Look also into other options, such as pressure point or kneading oscillator jets.

You can combine the hydrotherapy benefits with chromotherapy. This therapy is based on the belief that colors feature a unique vibrational frequency. Each color is associated with a different healing property. Whether you subscribe to that belief or not, colors do have an impact on mood. Consider a hot tub package that includes lights that change the water color to that end.

2. Specialty Lighting

Another trend is a hot tub with a lighting package. Most hot tub lights use LED bulbs. Their purpose is to illuminate the hot tub for safety. Manufacturers install the lights in the following areas:

  • Around the rim of the tub
  • Above the water line in the tub
  • Below the water line

Those placements help with entering or exiting the tub as well as navigating around the tub.

Hot tub lighting has aesthetic value, too. You can choose a package with different color options, which is similar to the chromotherapy idea. However, rather than just color the water for therapeutic reasons, these lights are meant to create beautiful lighting displays. You can choose from a variety of lighting and color schemes to match your preferences.

3. Hot Tub Entertainment Packages

If you plan on spending a lot of time in your hot tub, consider investing in a hot tub entertainment package. A common package is the audio system. It includes speakers built into the hot tub. You can also pair the system to your device via Bluetooth. Some suppliers offer a separate waterproof docking station for the device. The audio system typically comes with a waterproof remote.

Another entertainment package is the video system. This package includes an all-weather HD video monitor. The monitor usually features different methods of connectivity to your in-home video sources, such as a television or computer. It usually includes a dock for a streaming stick, too. The trend toward connectivity with your devices is likely to stay.

4. Energy-Efficient Style

People generally love saving money. However, energy efficiency is also a growing trend because it’s environmentally friendly. When you look at hot tubs, consider some of the features that make them energy-efficient. For instance, you can choose hot tubs with a power consumption monitor and self-diagnostic control, which will regulate temperature according to energy usage.

You can also look into the energy-efficiency rating of the hot tub. Features such as insulation and pump style affect how efficiently the hot tub runs. For example, a dual-pump system costs less to operate than a two-speed pump. Likewise, high-density polyurethane foam will also positively impact the tub’s energy-efficiency performance.

The above four trends can augment your experience both in using your hot tub and running it. Consider which of the trends are most worth your investment. Talk to the hot tub experts at Anchor Pools & Spas about recommended features and packages.