The installation of a spa traditionally includes a higher platform that you climb into to access the spa. If you have an open backyard space or room to build, however, you could have a spa installed level with the ground.

Check out some of the benefits of an in-ground spa and reasons to consider an installation which lies level with a patio, pool, or other backyard feature.

1. Easy Access

The height of a traditional above-ground spa installation means climbing in and out of the water could become a hassle and cause joint pain. The addition of stairs or a small ladder could also cause strain or pain, as well as presenting a fall risk. An in-ground spa gives you multiple entry points and easy access to the hot waters without straining your legs and knees.

Once you’ve relaxed your muscles and body, you will not have to stretch or strain to remove yourself from the spa, either. When you install the in-ground spa, you can have the spa sit completely level with the ground or raised slightly with a small ledge featured on all the sides.

The small ledge could have short steps that are easy to climb and do not cause you to strain as you enter and exit the spa area. Either way, the height is shorter than an above-ground hot tub.

2. Spa Seating & Entertaining

The ledge of a typical spa does not have the support and comfort to sit for long periods of time. With an above-ground spa, you typically have to fully enter the hot tub or stand on the outside. With an in-ground spa, you have expanded seating options. For example, you can sit on the edge of the hot tub and let your feet dangle in the hot water.

Other guests who are not using the hot tub could sit around the edges to talk and socialize. The expanded edges around the hot tub also help you while you entertain. For example, cups and snacks could sit around the edges of the tub for easy access. Enjoy food or snacks without the need to hold a drink the whole time.

3. Pool Filtration Systems

If you choose an in-ground spa installation, you have the option to integrate the filtration system with the pool. Keeping both a pool and spa on the same filter system will provide you with multiple benefits. You will save money on chemicals, save time with the cleaning process, and provide your pool with some heated water so the temperatures are not too cold.

Complete the pool filtration connection at any time, but the connection often works best when the pool and spa are installed at the same time. With one whole system, you will also save electricity and do not have to run multiple pumps or have multiple set-ups take more electricity.

4. Backyard Aesthetic

When you choose a spa for your backyard, the spa should add to the appeal of the whole backyard area. An in-ground installation provides a pleasing aesthetic and visual. The spa will easily blend into patio areas and you have the option to choose the colors and materials you surround the spa with.

You do not need to worry about the side of the spa matching other aspects of the backyard area. Choose from wood, cement, or stone installations around the spa. If you already have a pool installed, select a material to match the walkway around the pool.

The aesthetic is visually appealing and helps tie everything together on a back patio area.

For more information on our backyard spas, contact us at Anchor Pools & Spas. We have a wide range of spas to choose from and our pool experts will guide you through the process of an in-ground installation.